Dog Training Essentials:

All About Barking Workshop

Teach your dog to stop barking.

Barking is a natural dog behavior. But it can still drive you crazy and become a nuisance – especially if you live in an apartment or have nearby neighbors. Our Dog Training Essentials: All About Barking workshop can help you train your way to a quieter life with your dog.

This workshop includes lifetime access to instruction videos, training steps, and resources. It's everything you need to:

  • Understand why dogs bark
  • Properly respond to different types of barking
  • Teach your dog to be quiet when asked
  • Prevent barking out the window
  • Understand what to do when your dog barks at others while on leash
  • Determine whether your dog's barking is due to separation anxiety
  • And more!

Plus, workshop students receive a discount code for live virtual sessions with a certified dog trainer for additional needed support.

— $9 —

What people have to say...

"Useful information and GREAT follow-up resources after our gatherings! Cathy is super-encouraging and clearly knowledgeable about puppy training and behaviors."

— Dawna