Puppy Essentials:

Socialization Foundations Workshop

Socialization – a "must-have" for every puppy.

Socializing your puppy and proactively exposing them to the big wide world is important. Worried about properly socializing your puppy? Is your puppy stuck inside waiting for their vaccinations?

Our Puppy Essentials: Socialization Foundations workshop gives you the ideas and tools you need to excel at your puppy's socialization, even in difficult times.

This workshop includes a LIVE 20-minute virtual one-on-one session with Cathy Madson, a certified dog trainer and behavior consultant. In these live sessions, you'll get your specific puppy socialization questions answered and personalized troubleshooting tips to help you introduce your puppy to new things. You also have lifetime access to instructional videos and resources. It's everything you need to:

  • Understand what puppy socialization is and why it's so important – it's more than just meeting other dogs and people!
  • Learn important socialization exercises with helpful video examples
  • Start socialization while your puppy is waiting for their vaccines
  • Learn how to choose the right in-person puppy class
  • We can even help if your dog has missed out on early socialization
  • And much more!
virtual puppy training

What people have to say...

"Cathy provided several tips to recognize 'threshold' signals so I know WHEN to counter potential negative responses with positive reinforcement - which is immediately after my puppy 'observes' their potential trigger. And by walking & working with [each of my dogs] independently, I'll create a stronger bond while working to improve or prevent each puppy's negative response."

— Jennifer

"I learned so much, and the instructor truly cares. She went beyond the allotted time to share information with me!"

— Jenny

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