Shopping List: Helpful Potty Training Products

What are the top things you need to potty train a puppy?

  • Patience
  • Consistency
  • Rewards: Training Treats, Praise, Toys, or Whatever Your Puppy Finds Rewarding

If you're adding a new puppy or dog to your home, it's best to be prepared! You might already have a lot of the things listed below in your home already, and we'll talk about how to set them up to promote faster potty training.

Check out this shopping list for my top picks for house training supplies. Combine these things with rewarding your puppy or new dog for going potty outside, and your house training will be faster and easier for all!

Some basic items you'll need for potty training success:

  • Crate (if you’ll be using one)
  • Exercise pen and/or gates
  • Leash for tethering your puppy to you indoors (hands-free leashes are great!)
  • Pee pads (if pad training)
  • Poop bags
  • Flashlight for nighttime potty breaks
  • Potty bells (if you want to use them)
  • Enzymatic Cleaner (other cleaners can encourage your pup to have another accident)

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