Puppy Essentials: Potty Training Workshop

Learn how to potty train your puppy the right way!

Planning ahead for a new puppy? Struggling with how to house train your puppy or recently adopted dog and looking for help?

Our Puppy Essentials: Potty Training workshop is for you!

Written by a certified dog trainer and behavior consultant, learn how to potty train your dog quickly and effectively.

With lifetime access to videos, training tips, and downloadable resources for a variety of lifestyles, you'll get the house training help you need.

  • Create a potty training schedule
  • See how to prevent potty accidents by using your puppy's crate or playpen
  • Teach your puppy to use bells to tell you they need to go outside
  • Avoid common house training mistakes
  • Find out whether pee pad training is right for your puppy
  • Get tips to clean up potty accidents to prevent future accidents in the same spots
  • Plus, as a bonus for all workshop students, a special discount on virtual one-on-one coaching sessions.

— $9 —

online dog training workshop

What people have to say...

"I attended the training session to help curb the multiple accidents a day in the home and learn a few tips and tricks along the way. In less than a week post-training my puppy had not had an accident in the house and it’s been three weeks since he has had a house potty accident. One of the best tools I learned was having him ring a bell attached to the door knob at the back door. It worked like a charm and I now know when he needs to go out! Great training and a great value!"

— Seth, Workshop Attendee

Puppy Potty Training Curriculum